Gazovaya promyshlennost’ № 12 2017

№ 12 2017

Read in this issue:

Gas distribution and gas supply

»  Standardizing of vibration of reducing lines of gas distribution stations


»  The efficiency analysis of summer shutdowns of the production fields at the Cenomanian deposit of the Yamburgskoe oil and gas condensate field for optimization of the final stage development
»  Features of accounting of the C5+h hydrocarbons in the extracted formation fluid of the Orenburgskoe oil and gas condensate field
»  Criteria of stable work of the field gas flowlines with complete liquid carry-over from pipelines


»  Development and exploitation of industrial production of casing from steel 13Cr with threaded joints of the premium class for offshore fields of Gazprom PJSC

Repair and diagnostics of main pipelines, compressor plants and pumping stations

»  To the question of testing of the pump-compressor pipes samples made of high-alloy steels and the Cr-Ni-Mo alloys on the pitting corrosion
»  Features of technology of overhaul repair of gas pipelines at the present stage
»  Conditions of the carbon dioxide corrosion on the production facilities of Achimovskie deposits, methods of monitoring and forecasting

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